Every single vital preset is corrupted when opening projects on a new computer

I already posted about this once but the issue is still unresolved. On my old pc vital basically never saved preset names but kept the sound. Even if I used a preset that was already saved separately with a name, after closing the project it still showed it as init preset but it worked otherwise. However if I try to bring any of these projects over to a new pc it opens them as the actual init preset which makes all my projects unusable that had vital in them. It also starts with this message when opening them up on the new pc. And again this happens with every project without exception, and only happens to vital.Is there ANY solution to this?
Képernyőkép 2022-10-17 135342

upload some of the Vital presets that are causing this problem.

Also, OS? Vital version?

Windows 10, vital is 1.0.7 on both PCs.

Uploading the presets is pointless I can open presets in vital. The problem is that vital doesnt save its parameters/used presets properly in projects and for some reason FL studio is also not saving that information. I could save every single vital patch in every project, load the newly saved presets into the vital instances on the new pc and then save them there but with like 100 projects with up to 10 or more instances of vital each this quickly becomes unsustainable, especially that automation would have to be set up again for every single parameter for every single patch in every single project.

Its not the presets themselves its vital not saving properly I just dont understand why this is. I saw old forum posts about vital constantly resetting preset names to init preset which was supposedly fixed (presets still reset to init preset for me) but on top of that once I move any project to the new PC all those patches actually become the init preset.

Try to update Vital to 1.5.3 and see if it resolves your issue