ERROR, wont load,tried what i know,pls help

I opened up fl studio and loaded vital but i got the message fruity wrapper not found. I tried some things i found online,but they didnt work. I tried uninstalling it and i tried both vst,vst3 and standalone but i cant get anything to work.

When i searh for plugins in manage plugins inside fl i see it,but its in red and says error.

I dont know what to do, please help.

Vital is working in FL Studio here both the VST 3 and VST 2. Win 10 64 Bit

Could you possibly be trying the load the 64 bit version into 32 bit FL Studio ?

If even the Standalone isn’t working for you that points more to a system issue or installation issue. Does your system meet the minimum requirements for Vital ? What operating system are you using ?

To what location are you installing Vital ?

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I’ve been using it for four days straight, then I took a break and when I came back it just didn’t work.

Windows 10 64 bit.

I’m not good at computers at all, I don’t know what to try other than reinstalling but that didn’t work.

What do you mean by location? I belive I just clicked ok during the installation and I think it was in programs. I’m used to vsts with a dll file.

I got it to work the first time I install it.

By location I mean your VST 2 location. The VST 3 version is installed in a default location and does not have a .dll file but a .vst3 file.

Did you do an update to FL Studio or to Windows 10 in between the time it was working then stopped working ? You can check to see if Windows did an update in Settings>Update> Update History.

You can also check to see what version of Windows 10 you’re running by typing “Winver” in the search bar.

Something caused it to stop working we just need to figure out what. Did you try to “Rescan Plugins with Errors” in FL Studio’s Plugin Manager ?


Yes, of course. The vst2 is in my vst folder where I have all my other plugins and they still work.

No updates and the version is 2004.

Yes,i tried rescanning, multiple times. But it’s says error. When I un and reinstall fl finds it but still says error.

If you click on the Vital line in FL Studio’s Plugin Manager it will show you some information on the left. Can you post a screenshot of that here ? (I’ve done some tech support for FL Studio so I’m just trying to help you)


What version of FL Studio are you running ? The Plugin Manager in FL Studio version 20.7.3 [build 1987] is Yours is

Where it says “Type Unknown” what happens if you select “Synth” from the drop down and “Apply Changes” ?

Try running the VST 2 version instead of the VST 3 version.


They turned green and status OK, but I still get the error message when I open them. The vst2 says “fruity wrapper plugin caused a critical error while loading its state” and vst3 says “something went wrong loading the vst3”

Well sorry I can’t help you with such an outdated version of FL Studio. You know about the lifetime free updates right ?

You can install the latest version of FL Studio alongside of version 12.

If Vital was working before and suddenly stopped working then something has changed in your system. An OS update or DAW update or plugin update, some change in your security settings, files were inadvertently moved, etc.

Im embarrassed, but I don’t own a legit copy of fl.

I had zero monies, no job and crushing depression. A friend helped me with a cracked version, since then I got a job and have the monies. You seem to know a lot about this, how do I go from a cracked version to legit? I read somewhere that it’s not just buy and install.

I want to be legit but I’m afraid I will buy it and fuck something up so I can’t use it at all.

Well you can see how unstable cracked software can be. Buying and installing FL Studio is very simple but I don’t know what damage cracked software could have done to your system. Some of it can carry malware.

You can purchase FL Studio from Image-Line here:

I bought it, still the same issue. Any ideas?

It sounds like a problem with FL Studio rather than Vital, and I’ve read that you can get unusual behaviour when installing a genuine copy after using the alternative. Since you haven’t got a response here for a while, I would suggest posting over in the Image-Line Forums too, as they may be more familiar with these issues.

It’s not an “alternative”. It’s a stolen cracked version. I have a feeling that’s why several people are reporting problems with FL Studio.

They can’t post at the Image-Line forums because you have to be a registered user to do so.

For the record Vital works fine on two systems here in FL Studio…registered version.

Thanks for your reply. Since they confirmed they have now purchased FL Studio, I directed them to the Image Line forums for support. There are often transition problems when moving to a genuine copy.

They said they purchased FL Studio. That really doesn’t confirm anything. I have yet to see any posts at the Image-Line forums reporting problems with Vital in FL Studio and I have suggested several people to do so. I just checked again this morning and see nothing related to Vital.

That leads me think that they can’t post since they are not registered users. It’s also possible that since the post you were replying to was two weeks old he has already found a solution.

Make of it what you will all I know is Vital works fine here in the latest registered version of FL Studio. I’ll try to help anyone who is a registered user since I have done some tech support for IL in the past.

Yes, I did buy it. The problem happened before but its still the same issue with the legit version. I tried reinstall and all that. I email matt tytell and he asked about the standalone, and that doesn’t work either.

And teksonik, I don’t think you need to be a registered user, I think you can just make an account even if you didn’t buy anything. I posted another question in IL forum related to my midikeyboard and got no answers so I just skipped that and emailed matt instead.

Ok you don’t need to prove anything to me. You should delete the image above since it shows your registration name and number. You don’t want that getting out.

In the past you had to be a registered user of some Image-Line software to use the forums. They did that so they didn’t have to give support to people who are using cracked versions of their software. I don’t know how it is now since I’ve been a member there for over 13 years.

I just checked and I still don’t see any threads in the FL Studio Support thread asking for help with any issues involving Vital.

Like I said Vital works just fine here on two different systems with the latest version of FL Studio. I’d like to try to help you get it running but report the issue at the IL support forum and see what they say.

This will work! On the FL Studio browser, follow the picture.