Error while trying to synchronise audio

Hi, I’m getting an error and lots of slicking/popping/stalling audio in a new Logic Project;, when using Vital;

Error while trying to synchronise Audio and Midi.
Sample Rate 43,112 recognized. Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device.

This occurs with my project only having one track that uses Vital as the instrument. My Logic Preferences and Audio Interface all have the same sample rate (44.1 khz)

If I swap out Vital and use another instrument, I don’t have any issues. When I switch back to Vital, I have issues again.

Last project was a month or so ago and was fine with loads of tracks, including a few ones using Vital. I’m using a late 2014 Mac Mini (so that does have its limits).

I assume Vital is the issue but can’t be sure. I can’t find anything that determines a sample rate in Vital. Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm seems weird that Vital would cause something like this. Looked up that error and logic has a list of things to check, did you try these?

Hi, I did Google the issue, which is what led me to think it was Vital. I found similar issues that related to a plug in instrument. But I’ll look some more. I’ll reply here if I find a fix or find it’s something else. Thanks for the reply.

I thought I’d report back that I’ve discovered that the issue is not caused by Vital.

8 tracks, using Logic stock instruments, also causes the issue. I think Vital was making it happen a little earlier because it’s a little more CPU heavy but my Mac should be able to handle it regardless.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to fix the issue yet.