"Error rendering speech. Check interner connection."

“Error rendering speech. Check interner connection.”

That is the error i get if i try to select fi-FI as a language in Text to Wavetable. It then resets to previous wavetable.

I’m a subscriber so the text to wavetable should be full version.

I am with the same problem since yesterday, they told me to try it and that it should work but nothing happens yet, it sends me the same error, I hope they update it soon

Yes, I got the same error today when instancing VITAL as a VSTi from within my DAW-- Cakewalk SONAR PLATINUM. The TTWT didn’t work and gave me that same error message… It is very clear that VITAL needs to access the Internet while in use, in order to connect with the various language files it needs online (because that vast library of language phonemes doesn’t come as part of VITAL’s data!)

I tried the same thing with the Standalone version of VITAL and had no problem at all: VITAL immediately connected to the 'Net and retrieved the language information it needed. I got results from English (US), Spanish and French.

So it’s your DAW that’s apparently standing in the way, somehow. I checked my Windows Firewall to make sure that SONAR has access to the 'Net. Yes it does, but that didn’t fix the problem. Hmmm, maybe we’ll get a response to this query and figger out how to make it work.

If worse comes to worst, you can always try the TTWT within the Standalone (not from within your DAW). Then, when you get a successful language phoneme response, you can resynthesize to wavetable… and save that wavetable onto your hard drive where your in-DAW VITAL VSTi can find it.

Best, ras

Still not working, even in standalone mode with firewall off.

Any news on this?

What’s the point of this forum if there is no response for days from developer?

It’s only one person having to answer all the posts for three different operating systems. I imagine he’s swamped right now.

Text to Wavetable works fine here although I do occasionally get the “check internet connection” when I assume the service is busy.

Just tried it again and it worked fine.

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Some people can’t seem to access the internet from their DAW so I would make sure you can actually access it.

I also have a bug where if you leave Vital running for a while, the authentication token expires and text-to-wavetable will stop working. If you restart your DAW does it fix the issue?

If that works I have a fix coming in the next version.

Subscribers and Pro users qualify for premium support on Discord, if that’s what you want then pay up and join, otherwise you’ll have to be patient.

I am paid Pro user.

Now it is working - standalone version.
I presume it is working from DAW also. Yep, just checked.

Nothing was changed on my part so it is clear that MT solved it.
Thank you for all your help.

I think you’re running into the expired token issue so you’ll notice that if you leave Vital running for a while text-to-wavetable will stop working.

I have a fix coming but you can logout and log back in and I think that would manually refresh the token for now.

Will do, thanks. :smiley:

Looking forward for the new version.
Keep up the great work! :smiley: