Envelopes need amplitude control

… or possibly a dedicated Velocity control as, for instance, Zebra 2 has. This is critical for controlling dynamics using velocity, and many synths have this capability.

I try to achieve this in the mod matrix, mapping velocity to global/volume. Unfortunately it appears that the minimum value of velocity is not correctly mapped and for very low values of velocity the volume is still high. It’s better in bipolar.

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Maybe if there were a linear/logarithmic option in the volume slope that would make the volume behave better?

You really need envelopes that change amplitude with velocity. I can name several synths that do this or have the facilities to do it: Andromeda, MatrixBrute, Pigments, Zebra, Surge - and I imagine there are many that I don’t know of. On a modular, you do it by passing the envelope through a DC VCA and control that VCA’s gain with the Velocity signal.

HOLD THE PHONE!!! I just found it - accidentally! Assign an Envelope to a filter. Then assign Velocity to that envelope modulator - it will put a green dot in the middle of the purple circle. I would never have guessed! See? We really do need a manual :wink:

Modulating each individual oscillator level with velocity seems to be the way to go.

pcr, try what I described above and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.