Envelope hold -- what does it do?

i was hoping that i could use hold to assure that short notes would have the equivalent of held sustain for the duration of the Hold stage of the envelope, but it’s not working that way.

what’s the proper way to view what the hold stage in the envelope is doing?

edit, nevermind i think i get it. the hold comes before the decay stage. it’s not part of the release, don’t know why i thought that.

i don’t understand vital’s hold
“hold” for me is what i learnt from my good old ms20

which is an extended…uhm…“hold”…after the sustain/release (sic)
vital’s hold does not do anything as far as i can see…uhm…hear…or does it ?

ms20 hold is simple and clear imho:
press key, hear tone, release key → heary tone longer as set in hold
but vital?

using the init preset, increasing the hold value i would expect an extendend (aka “hold”) sustain after midi-off…
…but: nothing alike…

What you are describing is the release parameter in an ADSR (attack,decay, sustain, release), between attack and decay there can be a hold phase which holds a value before it enters the decay phase. It is essentially an additional stage in an envelope.

right, it’s something that comes with hands on experience using vital but i was trying to figure out how to execute a note-length-agnostic one-shot style envelope and hold came up in a theoretical way and for some reason i mistakenly expected it to be a kind of hold function but as you say it is between attack and decay so it means it holds the peak before the decay begins, as long as a note is being sustained.

the problem i have right now is that since the release by nature ramps off to zero, it’s tricky to design an envelope to perform a one shot without it fading out before i want it to, which in the case of percussion, occurs at the end of a more or less instantaneous midi event. there are steps to mitigate this, such as making a longer than necessary master release but it feels more like a work-around than a concise solution for envelope making.

you could use an LFO in envelope mode
from what i see, it seems to do theone-shot-thingie…kind of…

LFO can be a MSEG or multi-step-sequenzer or alike

no…not realy
what i am describing is the hold of sustain level after note-off for a given time
after that then comes release, the fade-out

actually massive-x has this kind of hold: it is the knob between D and R
and the ms20

massive-x also has the attack hold, between A und D, like vital has it

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i’d like it if the hold could have two modes, or if there was an additonal hold added between decay and release somewhere.

but the master envelope release will fade anything out that you do with an lfo envelope. unless i suppose you use a super long master envelope release, but you don’t always want that. i kind of don’t like that there is a master envelope, but i can’t think of a better solution at the moment.