ENV wishes - frature request

since we had the discussion recently…:

i’d love to see 3 things in the ENV:

an additional HOLD (time value), between sustain and release
which, like the MS20, holds sustain for a given time after key-release (aka midi note-off)

note-off > hold for a given time at szstain level → the enter release phase (fade out)

attenuate attack volume level
normally attack is a temporal value going up to fixed full volume value
which means, when sustain is less then full, there is a volume jump after attack
from full volume to less volume of sustain

for example in vital
A=0.5, D=0, S=0.2, R=1.5
there would be an audible jump between a and s

this is the behaviour of most if not all realworld analog synths and most virtual softsynths
which imho for virtuals isn’t really necessary…

with the exception of massive-x and waldorf largo
in massive there is A-Peak and Sustain in percentages to attenuate the values,
so that A endvalue would be the same as S

in in Largo there is the envelope model called ADS1DS2R
where between A and D there is a knob called “Attack Level”
with the purpose to attenuate the Attack level to fit the sustain level

as already asked in other threads:
a ONE SHOT mode would be cool!


if someone could show a workaround to achieve the equivalent of a hold between sustain and release, that would be great as well.

if there is going to be one master envelope, it ought to have as much control available as humanly possible.

i agree, these would be nice to have, but also the ability to unlink ENV 1 from volume.

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I’m not sure I’m understanding your point 2. If you needed to set your sustain level HIGHER than the attack level, it would make sense. But if all you need is for the sound to reach a peak and then NOT decay (until note off) you would set your sustain at 100% and adjust the envelope amount to attenuate both the attack and sustain levels.

well, yes you’re right…
i’d like to adjust attack end level to sustain
and not the other way round (adjust everything around an absolute 100% attack endlevel)
anyway: would be more confortable imho…