Env assigned to OSC

Dear all,

I discover Vital and I am delighted, I want to know more about it so I can play it live and control some parameters.

I have several questions. I’ll post them one by one.
1 - Env and OSC.
How do I assign envelope 2 or 3 to an oscillator?
In Matrix, when I drag Env2 to Osc2, Env3 to Osc3, it is always the Env1 which is applied.
On the forum someone speaks about ENv1 on a master. But I don’t find it.

Thanks a lot

ENV1 is the master envelope, so it changes the volume of all the oscillators collectively. If you wanted separate envelopes for each osc, you would need to assign env’s 2-3-4 and not 1-2-3.
env example.vital (394.9 KB)

Ok ! Thanks a lor for your explanation ! (Sorry the long time to answer)