ENV 1 confusion

Since env 1 is the global instrument envelop shouldn’t it be somehow separated from the rest of the modulation envelopes. seems a bit unintuitive, at least to me.

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Not necessarily - you can still modulate it to other parameters.

I know not necessarily but ideally. ie an Amp ADSR after the fact rather than having them all cobbled together. Nitpicking maybe but.

it is fine how it is imho. Matt could call it “AMP ENV”, but even that isn’t necessary for me

Calling it AMP ENV would help alert people to the fact that it is hard wired into all voice modules. Good call, still ideally would like to see it moved out of the modulation section. Hey if they have time to mess with skins and cosmetics then why not a logical workflow as well.

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well…to me it is logical to have all the ENV’s grouped together. So this can be different from user to user.

probably because there are a lot of people with a demand for that. some would like cpu usage optimization. some don´t care about cpu usage because vital is running fine on their system, and they want more fx, filters or other new stuff.

and if you would change the name or/and seperate it from other env it wouldn´t really change workflow.
i think it´s just confusing at the start, had some problems here at the beginning too.

don´t have much experience with other synth, but i read a lot about people saying that workflow is very good with vital compared to other synth.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this synth. it’s just that there are things that keep me from loving it and buying it. I would love for it to thrive and am certain it will but in the meantime thought I’d nitpick about a few of my personal grips.

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Is a nitpick something to withold you from buying this great synth? I find that, well, weird :wink:

I find it very user friendly to be able to quickly assign the global env to other parameters. Once you know it, you know it, then it’s not confusing anymore, right?
Even as a beginner, you can figure it out pretty quickly if you just turn the knobs. Unless you are afraid to touch something.


Not one or two but a bunch yes, and in my case there are are bunch such as effects routing rudimentary sampler and somewhat stifling architecture (some other small things), coming from Pase Plant as my go to synth. I know that phase plant is an uber expensive option but my MO is to buy once cry once. Vitals ease of modulation is amazing and the best out there but not as important to me as to others I guess. Again don’t get me wrong Vital is a phenomenal synth, especially for free but investing time and money in something that does not yet met my specific needs is ergo a no buy. Will keep an eye out on it’s development, maybe V2.

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Ofcourse. If you don’t like it enough, just hold your money. I own phaseplant as well and although i love it, i open vital way more often. To each their own :+1:t2:

Cheers mate, i definitely see Vitals appeal. Shit there’s things in PhasePlant that bug me. 1st world white man entitlement i guess :wink: