Endless OSCs, Filters, Effects, Modulators

Dear Matt,
First of all, your Synth fucking rocks! Awesome work! I´ve recently subscribed = )

However, I would REALLY like to see the possibility of creating UNLIMITED amount of OSCs, Filters, Effects, Modulators and so on! I think this would be just an overkill haha.

Phase Plant for example have it, and it´s nowadays a feature wich is possibile I think, since computers are quite powerful nowadays.

Anyway, I really really hope to see this coming, I think that everyone would like that!

Friendly Greetings


I’m bouncing back and forth between Phase Plant and Vitals and really like both. The ability to group and add OSC’s and samplers is the main thing I really like about PP but I love the workflow in Vitals. Both have great sound.

Phaseplant is not unlimited either, it’s limited to 16 generators in the generator panel.

Man, just use multiple instances of Vital on several tracks using the same patch receiving the same notes! :wink: