Emmulating Tube Distortion in Vital: A How-To Guide

Hey everyone,

My team and I have found some useful workarounds for emulating tube distortion inside of Vital and we thought it would be fun to share our tricks in a quick blog post!

You can check the post out here.

If you have any distortion tricks of your own I’d love to hear them :slight_smile:



thanks for sharing this advanced stuff, probably hard to find something that you don´t know allready.

but in general i recomend trying different position of the distortion in the signal chain. for mild tube distortion maybe in the end? (thats where the amp would sit?)

was thinking about who could have good distortion tricks, and how guitar players chain their amp and fx.

first thing i found has pretty much input for me.

and you can probably find much more advanced stuff in that direction.

Glad you enjoyed it! And I’m still learning more and more every day, so I appreciate you sharing!

I hadn’t thought of the FX chain in the context of a guitar pedal set up before, but that’s actually a really cool way to think about things. Thanks for sharing the link, it’s fantastic info!

This thinking parallels how I typically work with distortion, which I think is a useful way to think about using the effect.

With guitars, you typically distort multiple times at various amounts throughout the signal chain, as opposed to all at once. You have the amp, overdrives, distortions, etc. all along the pedal chain.

Looking at it in the guitar context, I mimic this kind of setyp in Vital using the filter method covered in the blog post, using the filter(s) on the main tab to add warmth right out of the oscillators, then using the distortion module, and finally with another filter to top things off at the end as you had mentioned. (With various effects in between of course)

This is a great way to approach distortion IMO and your link has given me a lot to ponder!

knowledge grows from sharing, wouldn´t have thought about the guitar stuff whithout your info on the filters. :wink:

read on another guitar fx site about multiple eq, so you can shape sound before/after each fx. (and matt wrote somewhere he will add multiple fx :+1:)

they write a lot about different fx concepts, for example rev(small room) should come before delay(big room) like it would be in real world. or distortion before delay, so you get delay of distortion, not distorted delay. but there are no rules just try arround.

and with vst you have not much problem with backround noise, impedance and other stuff like guitar players.