Email Login stuck on "Signing in..."

When I open vital inside ableton it asks me to log in to my account. When I type in my username and password and hit sign in, it just stays on that screen and the bar says signing in … but nothing happens. If I click anywhere in vital outside of the sign in window, the window will disappear and now I can use vital. I dont understand why it does this though. Kinda annoying to go through every single time. Is this common for everyone or is mine just bugged

Edit: I realized the only thing this is preventing me from doing is using the text to wavetable. I bought the $80 version so I should have unlimited access.

Mac Book Pro 2017 running Mojave 10.14.6 and using Ableton 10.1

Yeah I’m looking into some sign in issues. I haven’t tracked down why it’s failing on some systems though.

Are you using a plugin here? Can you login to the standalone version instead?

Yes, plugin. I can log in to the standalone. Even after that still can’t sign in to vst or au version

im having the same issues, im on a macbook mid 2015 10.13.4, ableton 10.1.9

Same problem here. I’m on a MacBook Air, Catalina 10.15.7, Ableton Live 10.1.9

Same problem as well. Using the free version on Windows 10.

Any luck? I know you’re probably pulling your hair out atm, but I’m getting severe FOMO watching my friends use this plugin and missing out on collabs because I can’t use Vital.

you should still be able to use Vital, the only thing this is preventing is the text to wavetable feature. Just click anywhere in the plugin outside of the sign in box.

Turn off Windows Firewall. Fixed it for me