Editing Wavetables

Hey guys, I want to edit the harmonics of the wavetable ‘saws for days’ but vital won’t let me do it. Is there any way around this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

you can edit it outside of vital, use export to wav file at the top of vital wt editor.
then edit it with audacity for example.

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The explanation is easy - You are not dealing with a Wavetable based on Sampling Data, it’s a wavetable created by drawing lines between points and optionally changing the bend between them. These lines define the waveform that will be played back.

But when you change harmonics or even phase then the whole waveform will change. That will not be possible in the “Line Drawing Mode”, because somehow the points would have to change.

Vital uses these “Define a WT by points” technique to reduce the size of a wavetable. YOu can define a clean saw tooth with 4 points, but need much more points when using actual samples instead. And that multiplies by the number of slots/frames in your wavetable.

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to reduce the size of a wavetable

Vital is still a CPU-heavy synth so it’s not about optimization, right? Then why save any space at all nowadays? The fact that you can not modify a scw is very limiting.

Growing the wt size may reduce performance due to cpu offloading to ram.

Dunno if that’s applicable in this case though, since it’s still sampled data when it’s played back. The limiting factor seems to be that Vital can’t convert between source types, namely lines and wavs to bins. I believe they just didn’t have the time for that prior to 1.5.5 release.