Editing Others' Patches - How to 'Save As'?

I downloaded a free bank of presets from SNFK. There is one patch I tweaked slightly and want to save it. I don’t want to overwrite the original patch, but I’m not certain if I click ‘Save Preset’ if it will save it under a new name or not.

When I click ‘Save Preset’ will it overwrite the original, or will I be given the option to save it elsewhere?

Thank you for your help!


on top of screen right from the preset name, click the “down arrow”, window pops up.

here you can change stuff before saving. it will allways save to user folder.
name is automatically filled with the last name you used, not the original authors name. it will keep both versions with different author. (i allways add a “mod” if i save a tweaked preset so i know later there is a original too.)

maybe try this for more info


Thank you! I was going to mention that I wasn’t able to find the user manual, then I discovered the user manual is in progress. Didn’t realize there was a forum for that; thank you again!