Editing in Cubase -- "Acoustic Feedback" issues

Set-up in Cubase (Pro 10, here, but other versions will exhibit this issue).

Instrument Track with Vital.
Create MIDI Part
Open MIDI Key Editor
With “Acoustic Feedback” on, touch or move note.
(With Acoustic Feedback on the selected note will play, but Vital audio often cuts out. I’ve not seen this problem with other synths).

Problem: Vital audio cuts in and out with Acoustic Feedback enabled.

I suspect this problem may show up in other DAWs when editing in their MIDI “piano roll” editors but I’m not sure.

I haven’t seen this in other daws. This might be similar to your other issue where Vital is getting an all sounds off message.

Also, I haven’t used acoustic feedback before and tried looking it up. Can anyone decipher this from the steinberg site?

Acoustic Feedback allows you to hear the pitch of the note while moving to hear the pitch of the note at the mouse position.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll check further based on what you said. I think Cubase just sends an “all notes off” message with its MIDI reset comment, but I don’t know for sure.

“Acoustic Feedback” in the Piano Roll editor – if the user mouse clicks or selects a recorded note it plays. It’s a great feature. What I’m getting in Vital is a kind of “ripping” sound with audio dropout when I select or move a note. If it was a physical cable I’d say it sounds like the patch chord being half removed – odd.

It could be related to my hardware setup but none of my other instruments – Omnisphere, Surge, Steingberg instruments, etc. – exhibit this.

I don’t have a video creation set-up, but should. I need to work on that.

I’ll check this further based on your comments.