Dumont Type format Bass

hey vital "vizwards " (see what I did there ,okay it was bad lol :smile:)
been messing with vital for a minute now …maybe some of you have an idea how to re-create Duke Dumonts bass from the song ocean drive any pointers or tips ?

thanks in advance !

happy creating !

may i ask a question

Ocean Drive BAss.vital (245.1 KB)
How’s this?

  • I started off by creating the shape of the sound in ENV1, a pluck sound.
  • Then I created a filter, set the resonance down, and mapped the envelope to the frequency; this was to get a more plucky sound.
  • Next I took the basic shapes Sawtooth waveform and smoothed out the center to cut the harshness of the sound:
  • Finally I added a 4 voice chorus to give the sound some depth and a bass guitar sound, a compressor to bring out the low-end, and some no feedback-high mix reverb to soften the sound again.

Certainly. What is your question?

It’s pretty close to, thank you ! absolute legend!
I will definitely mess around with that ,really appreciate it !

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