Drum loop as wavetable

Hi everyone, I need your help: I recently bought a vital bank with cool presets made using a very famous drum loop as a wavetable, managing to reproduce the typical time stretching effect like the akai samplers, and it doesn’t matter how much bpm the project is because based on how you set it up the loop will always be in time with the project tempo. I would like to recreate the same thing using my drum loops but there is something i cannot understand: i import my loop (in this case a 1 bar loop at 160 bpm), then i link the lfo to the waveframe and set the speed based on my loop length, but unfortunately when i play a note from my controller the loop is cut on the tail by a few milliseconds, and the drums are not so aligned on the grid… i can’t find a solution. Unfortunately the producer who made the bank does not reveal his technique and if there is anyone able to help me i would be grateful.

first i would try to use a 120 bpm loop. this is vital default bpm.

if this don´t help, maybe post an example and i look at it. :upside_down_face:

Set the smooth Parameter on the LFO on 0.
Then it should be on gritt and you can play with the Timing of the LFO to get the timestrech fx. Maybe it works