Drop in volume when you increase reverb mix

I don’t know if this is actually a bug, but it sounds weird as my patches lose power when I increase the reverb mix. My brain expects the dry and wet levels to be equal so the volume stays the same as you crossfade between them. I did a few tests with several reverb plugins and this doesn’t happen with any of them- the volume stays the same as you increase the wet signal and decrease the dry signal. It seems to be about a 6dB drop in the patch I’m working on which is huge.


Yeah it happens with many effects. I think it would be great if you had a Level/Volume knob on every effect to compensate for it. Maybe like in Serum, where you have to click the Mix knob text label in order to see the Level knob.

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This really depends on the input signal and the Time setting. For some presets/settings it will get louder and some it will get quieter.

All reverbs behave like this as the settings of a reverb will change the loudness of the reverb. Is it possible the other reverbs you’re testing have different default values that make them louder by default?

Anyway I’m going to mark this resolved because this is expected but if you have other reverbs that at similar settings don’t give you a volume drop when upping the mix I’d like to hear them.

It doesn’t seem to be happening now.