Downloaded More presets

Hi, on the preset page I noticed I could purchase more sounds. So I did this twice for $5 each. But they are not showing up and I cannot find them. It’s probably something simple I’m overlooking. Any advice?

Are you connected to the internet when you’re using vital? They should download when you start vital I believe.

Perhaps try running Vital standalone (not in a DAW).
If they don’t download automatically, try logging out / logging into Vital via the “☰” menu.

Matt has previously reported delays in Paypal transactions made on the site, so perhaps it will just sort itself out in a couple of hours.

Hmmm, thanks you for your quick response. But none of those things worked. Any other work around?

Can you see what you purchased on your account page here?

If so you could download manually and use import bank via the menu.

If not then I guess the payment hasn’t worked / is delayed.