Download speed very slow

Hi I am reinstalling my Musik workstation and as of that I am reinstalling Vital. It starts and I can authenticate and then it starts downloading all the patches (Pro/Subcriber).
However it never finishes.

The problem is: Download speed is getting slower and slower inside each individual download pack. It is esp there for “Factory Content” patches. It starts “fast” (not really) and is slowing down. Now the bar does not move anymore and it is stalled (no download anymore).

I observe the same behaviour if I go into the download section and try to download the patch manually. It starts “fast” in a way of a few 100kb/s (not very fast for 1gbit/s internet connection) and then it is getting slower (100kb/s) and (around 8MB mark) and then gets even slower 30kb/s at around 10MB mark. It is just a small download of 80MB but will never finish … download in Chrome now forcasts 2hours (still at 10MB mark and 10kb/s).

So I am not sure what is going on, but the download speed is objectivly very slow. 10kb/s is something I would consider with a 64kbit/s line as fast :wink:

I just downloaded the Factory Content which is 81.2 MB and it finished downloading before I even had a chance to check the speed. Took about two seconds. I’m on a 400 Mb/s wired connection from the Western US.

It now eventually finished … but it took ages. Anyhow - good to go now :wink: