Double modulation of filter resets modulation value in Ableton Live 11

When I modulate filter cut off with 1 LFO all works as expected. When i then try map a macro knob to filter cut off as well, the modulation value of the macro to filter cut off resets to -128 every time a new note is played.

Same happens when modulating filter cutoff with 2 LFOs at once. The LFO mapped 1st works as intended. The 2nd LFO however doesnt work. The modulation value goes to -128 every time a new note is played. If the 1st LFO is removed the 2nd still doesnt work untill it has been reassigned.

I noticed in the instrument “configuration” in ableton, a parameter called “modulation ammount” is set to -1. When changed it resets to -1 when a new note is played.

Right click on what’s resetting and clear the midi assignment.

Going to put a little indicator in the next so people don’t accidentally assign midi controls.

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