Donk Bass presets

Here is some donk bass preset. Will be great if you can give me feedback.

Donk bass.vitalbank (3.2 MB)

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Thank you, I installed your presets to Vital, but they
isn´t appear in Vital´s browser. :frowning: Then I tried to open individual presets from
explorer window (right click - open in program) they works well. But i dont want to reopen them individually x times and save xtimes… But sounds, what i checked sounds great! thank you.

Didn’t work for me either.

I’ve created a new version which I believe does work: Donk Bass.vitalbank (3.2 MB)

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Thank you very much for your kind effort, already that´s working properly. I´m working too on some new presets,
most of them are MPE compatible; it just take a while to sort them out and upload. :wink:

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That’s strange. Does there is an error message or something like that?

No error message.
On my system (Mac), importing the bank seemed to create an empty file within my Vital folder with a date in the future (see below):

Odd indeed.

From memory, to fix I renamed the file to .zip, uncompressed it, and then zipped it up again (from the Mac terminal using the zip command with -vr and -x "*.DS_Store" options).

I was in version 1.0.5. It might be the problem i think.