Doesn't show up in Logic Pro X

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Vital wavetable synth. I have installed it along with the 75 presets in the free version. What I’d like to know is why I’m not able to see Vital within Logic Pro X 10.6.1. It shows up when I open it outside of Logic Pro X as a separate app. However, it isn’t showing up in Logic Pro X itself, either in Audio FX or Audio Instruments. I’m unsure as to why that would be since this should work with Logic Pro X. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @soundbytedj. Have you logged out/logged back in (on your mac) since installing? This is sometimes required for logic to see the plugin. On my logic 10.5.1. system, Vital appears in “AU instruments > Vital Audio”.

restart your Mac. with the latest OS the whole restart the mac thing seems to be fixed, so if you are not on the latest OS try a restart.

I did that about 3 times still hasn’t shown up within logic. Thanks, though.

I have restared several times and logged out and back in. I’ve looked at Audio Units in the Audio FX place and it’s not showing up there under Vital Audio. Vital Audio doesn’t even show up there either after doing what you suggested. Thanks anyways though.


Can you see vital in the plugin manager?, i.e.

  • from Logic’s menu: Logic Pro X > Preferences > Plug-in Manager …
  • Is Vital Audio in the Manufacturer list?
  • If it is, and you click on Vital Audio, is Vital listed in the right-hand pane?
  • If it is, what do the fields “compatibility” and “use” say?

I might have figured it out. This is a Midi FX not Audio FX. I’ll need to create Midi in order to see it (I think…)

You load Vital as a “software instrument” in Logic.

I’ll try that and see how that goes then.

This might help:

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Thanks for the helpful info and tutorial video. I found it under software instruments. This is something I didn’t know before when working in Logic Pro X. The tutorial video helped.

Glad to hear you’ve got it working.

If you’re new to Logic, then these “tips” videos might be useful (
There are also some good free courses, e.g.

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Thanks, I’ll give those a look at then.