Does VITAL works with AKAI MidiMix and MIDI controller keyboard together?

Does VITAL software able to connect two MIDI devices such as assigning its individual knobs to physical knobs of AKAI MidiMix controller and playing notes from individual MIDI controller keyboard together ?

For MACRO 1 and 2, if assigned, let’s say MACRO 2 is active and selected, turning the yellow grouped knobs, will it affect the MACRO 1 knobs in this case ?

Anyone experience before using AKAI MidiMix controller with VITAL ?

Please advise.

Does the akai come with its own software by chance?
Haven’t tried myself sorry.

You can definitely midi learn in ableton but I don’t think it would automatically map to it, if that’s what you mean. You would have to manually map the controls individually in your ableton session (I.e. Mappings would only be saved per project if I’m not mistaken? Mebbe a template could accomplish this?)
You can definitely also map easily with Reaper.

Definitely worth looking into though!

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I want to use VITAL with the AKAI MidiMix device and a MIDI controller, not really for DAW or run from within :slight_smile:

I do used LMMS, it can map to physical buttons, knobs of MIDI controllers.

Just want to know whether VITAL can map its knobs to physical knobs of AKAI MidiMix device manually and the same time playable via a separated MIDI controller keyboard connected ( AKAI MidiMix and MIDI controller are two individual devices ) :grinning:?

Anyone experienced before can share your info here, much appreciated.

I think your yellow square over Vital is incorrect. Macro 1 will be controlled by a single knob on the AKAI, and can be made to control several parameters of Vital at once (whatever you want really, just drag the square below Macro 1 to any Vital knob, as many as you want).

Just because Macro 1 is facing Osc 1 in the Vital interface does not mean it is linked to it.

However the good news is Vital has MIDI learn ability on almost all its knobs. Right-click on the Vital knob you want, select “Learn MIDI assignment” and then turn the corresponding knob or slider on your AKAI.

There should be no issue having several MIDI controllers sending commands to Vital, so you can play notes from a keyboard and tweak the AKAI knobs at the same time.

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Standalone listens to


only one midi device at time so you need to merge the midi messages to a virtual device that Vital listens.

multiple midi devices at once so you’re good to go. Dunno what I was thinking when I wrote that, been using it for a long time now and you can choose your preferred devices from the settings.

Please note that the knobs are different for every LFO and env. Mapping them to env1 controls only env1, for example. Makes sense for performing but contextual mappings work better for editing. Macros and wheels are there for performing so contextual mappings would make sense.

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Thanks for alerting the mistake.

So, LFO and ENV knobs are specifically linked for one group, for example if ENV1 assigned with physical knobs, selecting ENV2, the knobs of ENV2 will not respond, am I correct ?

How about the OSC, if assigned knobs to OSC1, by selecting OSC2 with OSC1 off, will the knobs respond ?

Exactly. All mappings are specific to the exact parameter they’ve been mapped to. Env1 mappings modify env1 only, osc1 mappings modify osc1 only, regardless what’s enabled or in use.


Oh, that cleared my doubts. Tqvm :slight_smile:

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