Does vital need a connection to the internet to operate?

I have just had a problem when using the plugin in reaper, where in the plugin it said it couldn’t connect to the internet. I was using it fine, then my phone died - which I had my computer connected to as a hotspot. So, can I ask why I need to maintain an internet connection for the plugin to operate? Thanks

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Specifically when I’m using text to wavetable

in the burger menu, click log in, then click work offline.

you can find some other stuff here.

you need internet connection to create new text to wt.

Well that to me seems like a really flawed design.

i think it´s because ttwt is very complicated thing and it´s not build into the synth. it´s “service” from another company. and they probably want to keep their secrets how they can achive such good quality and because of that it´s only possible over internet.

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Well, thanks for your help. Maybe I’m just expecting too much.

Matt says here something about unfortunately having to use google cloud -

Yeah good text-to-speech stuff is all done on servers. Probably to keep them secret but I think it’s also because the neural nets and databases tend to take a lot of space.

I could probably put a SAM text to speech inside Vital… that’s really bad quality and would only be useful for the ‘retro’ factor.

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would be nice to have, especially for those who work offline.

maybe if you get bored some day.:upside_down_face:

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