Does Orderof Effects Matter?

I have played guitar for years, but have only been working with synth vsts for a few months. In guitarland, when using a pedalboard, the general rule of thumb is Compressor, EQ, Drives, Effects with reverb last. I use this order of effects without even thinking. I’ve noticed this doesn’t seem to apply in a number of the presets I have looked at. In the digital world of Synth Vsts and DAWs, I guess this guideline doesn’t necessarily apply and the order is whatever works for the preset? Thanks.

Yes, the order of the effects does matter. You can test this by turning on the reverb and moving the compressor below it, you’ll hear the reverb tail getting compressed.

edit: i think i misread your post. Yes, the order of effects matter, but you don’t have to follow a specific guideline for the order. If you think having reverb first and distortion later sounds good, then go for it - it all comes down to preference.

Rule # 1: There are no rules.

Yeah, this is about what I thought. Whatever works best. I know a few guitar players who so the same.