Do user presets stay or get deleted if I remove VST 3 Folder?

Im having troubles getting Vital to work (super beachball laggy bugg) in Cubase 10.5 on a Mac Pro, Monterey.
I’ve seen that people have solved this by deleting the VST 3 folder so that VST (2?) gets activated instead.
I’ve already created some User Presets (in the standalone) that I’m happy with.
So my question is: Do my User Presets stay or get deleted if I remove the VST 3 folder?
And is there any extra hassle to get them back/making them work again or do they “just work” the next time I launch Vital? For clarification: Will they appear in my ‘Browse Preset’ list as normal?

user presets are stored separately from the plugin, on windows they’re in documents/vital, not sure about macs though