Different Amp Envelopes

It would be usefull to have an option to switch off the generic amp envelope for all oscillators and the sample module and to give instead every module an own amp envelope !


I wonder if you can just do that by routing an LFO to the gain knobs of each oscillator? I would say that’s a really good work around for the time being :).

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Well you could just use another ENV but…here’s a test. Init a patch, Route Env 2 to Osc 2 Level. Now turn up the release on Env 2. Nothing happens because Env 1 is acting as the Master Amp Env. Turn up the release on Env 1 and now the release on Env 2 works.

So to me instead of ENV 1 as the Master Amp Env it would be better if ENV 1-3 were the Amp Envs for Osc 1-3. That would still leave you with 3 more Envs and 8 LFOs.

Or any method that does not make ENV the Master Amp Env would get my vote.


More options = more tools.

Having more Envelopes never hurts, for sure. Having advanced routing like NI Massive did too might be fun :).

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I SO agree! I want to use one oscillator as a pluck sound and the other as a nice sustained chime. Looks like I’m out of luck with the current setup. Seems crazy - so much flexibility with modulators in general but then this rigidity in one of the most important modulators of all.

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You could try that: env 1: no attack, full sustain.

Now assign env2 to your oscillator volume, set a pluck shape or what you need.
Env3 to osc 2 volume, set your shape and voila.
Env 1 Release should be longer than the env2 and 3.


Instead of having all Osc hard-wired to Env1, one solution might be a separate mod-matrix entry for each Osc assigned to Env1 by default, this could obviously be changed later if required. However, I’m not sure how this could be implemented without affecting existing presets,

An alternative might be to disable the hard-wired Env1 routing for that Osc only if another Env is assigned to Osc level. Env1 could still be assigned later if required. Again, this might still affect existing presets.


Interesting conversation.

I like Yuli.Yolo’s suggestion above and will try it.

I like Vital very much as it is, but it would be powerful to allow each Oscillator its own Envelope. I can see, perhaps, a choice on the Advanced Tab providing a flexible routing set-up for the Oscillators to the Envelopes.

I have no idea how complex coding this would be or even if it is considered necessary? I’m too new to the instrument to make assertions about “what’s best” for Vital. Opening a second or third copy of the instrument in a DAW project is also one way to avoid this. Yes, that’s more complex, but it would certainly work.

Let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Yes, free wired Amp Envelopes, please.

And it would be nice to see (buttons and might graphic too) - via a switch button - all Envelopes (for Amp and LFO).

Agree that you can work around this, but not at all intuitive. Why not scrap the master env idea and make all env’s general. ?

What i would also like to see in terms of envelopes is the ability to set the starting point of the attack (on the y-axis), right now it always starts at 0. I know you can play around it by setting the modulated parameter to the desired value and then change the mod amount, but more flexibility with the envelopes would make it faster and smoother.

Could you use an LFO in envelope mode and draw in any curve you want?

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yes, you can

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ok that should solve it :slight_smile:

Every Oscillator can have its own envelope in Vital already in the present version. You just have to skip the first envelope as it was explained by a few users here.

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Yeah, I tried the suggestions here and it’s not a very good work around. Coming from a Roland Gaia with separate envelopes for each OSC, this is really limiting. I was actually surprised given how flexible Vital is otherwise that it can’t do this as well. I hope the option to assign the envelopes independently is added in the future.

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I would guess Matt has played safe to avoid constant ringing oscillators when people first start messing with envelopes?
It makes life simpler when one realizes that many plugin synths do likewise and it is probably a standard thing.
NOTE that default setting for ENV 1 is usually a gate, sometimes with longer release to suit most sounds.
So ENV 1 ia a sort of MASTER envelope and any routing of subsequent alternative envelopes for individual oscillators must be assigned using LFOs in ENV mode or other envelopes.