Differences between .wav and .vital table for wavetables?


I’d appreciate it if someone could help me understand the differences between using those two file formats for wavetables.

My specific motivation: I’ve accumulated numerous wavetables, some explicitly made for Vital and others made for general use in synths. I’m considering converting (and then deleting) all the proprietary .vitaltable files to .wav for them to be able to be used in other synths.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the .vitaltables are for adding modifiers to wave tables that are saved with the preset. When you import and audio file as a wave table, it stays as a wav until you modify it.

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Thanks for the reply!

If I understand correctly, you mean the .vitaltable files are not wavetables themselves, but rather modifiers to be applied to .wav wavetables?

Kind of, they’re everything that makes up the final wavetable

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So what exactly does the proprietary .vitaltable format offer that .wav cannot? I cannot find any concrete info on this.

Maybe it’s just me but I think is a bit of an odd question?
The vital files are simply that, probably metadata for your patches in vital. I’d assume it’s as mentioned, metadata for the waveform editor. In other words those files are for Vital only to read and would never be opened by another synth. You’ll probably want to keep them for your vital patches for ease of use and flexibility.

It’s kind of like asking should you delete the ableton clip information files that get saved alongside your wavs in ableton live - why would you? I’d just copy the wavs to a new location for use elsewhere and leave the vital files as is, unless you’re short on Kb of drive space lol

Just making assumptions here though, so grain of salt on my response… The vital files are not a separate or new format for wavetables, they are still wavs at heart, vital is just adding a reading guide so it knows what it was doing (as a weak analogy lol)

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.vitaltable contains all the information of Vital wavetable editor as text data.
.wav for wavetable is binary RIFF format
WINDOWSIZE and WINDOWFADE data are added to .wav data for general music wav.

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Thanks for the detailed response, now I have a clearer idea!

It may very well be an odd question b/c I’m new to Vital and wavetable synthesis in general, so I’m still wrapping my head around the paradigm.

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Thank you for the more technical and concrete answer, although I’ll need to do some research before I understand what those three words in all caps mean, lol. :slight_smile:

No worries man I hope my answer wasn’t confusing!
In short, all wavetables are wav files, but you’ll want to leave the vitaltables as is, for Vital reasons, so I’d just copy them to a different folder for your other synths and do whatever you want with them there and leave the originals chilling

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