Designing a 909 Kick Drum

I am new to producing Hardstyle and want to learn how to sound design a 909 Kick Drum on Vital. I also want my kicks to be in the key of G.

Can anyone tell me how I can make a 909 kick drum on Vital?

  • I am only using one oscillator which is OSC1 with the basic shapes sine wave.

  • What transpose should I put it as to make it in the key of G? How do I even tell? Also what does the level knob do which is below the transpose?

  • Now in the envelope how much ADSR should I have it at and how should I draw it in?

  • What LFO settings should I use and what should I modulate?

If anyone could show how to make a 909 kick drum in Vital it would greatly be appreciated. I have tried finding tutorials on Vital but couldn’t find any showing how to make a 909. Thanks everyone!

try something like set the sine to a pitch of -16,
go to advanced, osc 1 and untick ‘note tracking’
set adsr1 with zero sustain and add a little decay and a little release
go to lfo1 and set the mode to Envelope
send that to osc1 pitch to modulate (this makes a thump)
set that modulation amount till it sounds like a 909
adjust lfo1 until it doesn’t sound weird
turn on the sample to white noise, turn volume of that to zero
modulate the volume using lfo1 (or adsr2)
use filter1 as a low pass filter for both osc1 and sampler
use lfo1 or another envelope to modulate the cutoff frequency
in the effects section, try things like distortion, compression, filter

set osc2 to play the note G:
disable note tracking on it, then change the pitch until it’s G
adjust the pitch of osc1 until they are in tune
turn off osc2

you can use this GUI as a kind of map to follow once you get the above suggestions going: