Derek's Sherinian's Monster Lead

Has anyone here taken a stab at this sound which was originally done on a Korg Trinity as I recall? There’s a lot of wah sculpting and distortion. There are some tables that have a similar sounding harmonic sculpting if I put the mod wheel on the table position, and I wonder if someone’s done the dirty already before I beat my head against the wall trying to do it myself.

Could you post, please, a sound example.

Here’s an example, but this time he’s using a Kronos, but the sound’s essentially the same:

There’s clearly a boatload of delay+feedback too here.

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Thanks, I will give a try!

Funny thing is that I was trying to hack something similar with VCV Rack today, and while I didn’t even get close, I did get a nice wah wah. I guess that’s a nice consolation prize.

I’ve more or less nailed this on VCV Rack. The basics are very simple, and I’ve posted a crude diagram on the “Accepting Sound Design requests” thread. That’s not to say it can’t inspire something different that uses Vital’s special features though.