Depressing the sustain pedal alters the 7th thing in the modulation matrix

I can’t tell why, but whenever I depress my sustain pedal, the level of modulation of the 7th parameter in the modulation matrix jumps all the way to the right. I tried it with multiple presets, whatever is in the 7th slot specifically will suddenly move all the way to the right. I can’t tell if I did something or if it’s a bug. I’ve tried nearly everything to get rid of it; I closed and relaunched Vital, Ableton, my computer, I turned off my keyboard, pulled out the sustain pedal and then plugged it back in, nothing works, and it’s making working with Vital nearly impossible :frowning:

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong, or tell me they’ve had similar issues?

Try right clicking on the white Mod Matrix fader in slot 7 and selecting “Clear Midi Assignment” if it shows in the list.

EDIT: I just tried it here and my sustain pedal has no effect on any of the mod matrix slots so I’d say it’s just a midi learn issue.