Demo Patch: Interesting use of a Wavetable I found in Icarus

Here’s a little template/demo patch that shows creative use of wavetable technology.
I took it from Tone2 Icarus and post it here for the sake of demoing interesting use of wavetables…
Icarus Grains (MW).vital (210.2 KB)

Please us the Mod Wheel on this patch.

What is the secret here?
Take a look at each wavetable slot. You see a.) there’s not only one sine cylce but a lot of and b.) it has kind of a changing amplitude.
Then this wavetable has been pitched to -96 semitones but in combination with a.) it still plays a higher pitch. It’s like if when you put two cycles of a sine in one wavetable slot then this slot is giving you a tone exactly one octave up.
And because of the actually low pitch each wavetable slot takes some millisecnds when played, which means that even the amplitude change is audible and giving the pulsing …

I found that quite interesting. And after selecting the patch, I struggled to find the amplitude modulation in Icarus Mod Matrix, but there was none… after staring at the patch for a few minutes I got its secret. It is by the way related to the “Drumset in one Wavetable”…


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Nice sounding wavetable. Thank you for sharing.

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