Deleting presets doesn't work properly after the first delete

For some reason I have a bunch of duplicate presets (from Nov. 13 and Nov. 20) and I have been trying to remove the duplicates.

When one selects a category, for example Percussion, and then deletes a preset by right-clicking and selecting deletes, it works the first time.

Then the second time (trying to delete another preset) this happens:

  • the list is reset to all (not just the category that was originally selected)
  • (but) the category appears to still be selected in the category list on the left
  • the preset is not actually selected

Expected behavior:

  • do not reset the list / category
  • actually delete the preset after confirmation

Possible improvement:

  • let the user select more than one preset and delete all selected


  • Vital 1.0.7
  • VST3 in Reaper (latest version of Reaper)
  • Windows 7 64 bits

Thanks for the report. What you can do for now that will probably be a lot faster is right click and “Open File Location”.

Then you can just remove the duplicates using your OS which probably has better tools than I could make.

I’ll see about fixing that deletion bug though.

Ah thanks that helps a lot!! :wink:

(It seems there are many “hidden” actions in the UI, maybe more tooltips would help?)