Delay FX - Input Volume Instead of Wet/Dry

I’d love to be able to use the delay as a sort-of auxiliary send.

To put it simply, I just want to let the delay’s feedback continue on at my intended length, but not have it cut short just because I need to put the knob back to dry.

I’m just fantasizing about how I can make Vital even more dubby. :grin:

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do you use a daw?

you can do lots of stuff. :fox_face:

Oh, I definitely know about doing lots of different techniques with delay inside my DAW, but I was mainly suggesting for the knob inside Vital to be a send. That way, I can map my mod wheel to it and get some dubby freakout when performing, but not have to let the delay’s tail to be cut short when I pull the mod wheel back to zero when going back to performing.

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matt said somewhere he will add /change things in fx section, but it will probably take a while until that happens.

so i would try to find a workaround if you don´t want to wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ooooh, did you say “dub”?

I love making dub chords on Vital. Would love to trade presets or tips…

would also be interested in dub presets, but so far i have none to give.
maybe i can tweak some and send it back. have collected a lot of advanced stuff with vital usage.

liked this a lot. he uses hardware though, but the video is good to see some basic stuff i think.

just different instrument loops on the channels??? :nerd_face:

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This preset pack is still a work in progress, but have a look here:

All the presets with the “db” preset are designed for dub chords. Try a nice minor 7th around or slightly below middle C


tried around with chords. it´s a bit complicated though if you are new to it.:upside_down_face:
will probably take a while until can send you back something.

Here is my dub recipe:

  • start with a buzzy saw
  • use a low-pass filter to cut it down a bit
  • play your chords in the mid-to-low range
  • use a bandpass filter to bring out the “crackly” higher frequencies
  • automate the BP filter
  • heavy delay and reverb

Send input would be awesome ! Same for reverb.