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Who can share the free presets, please:pray:

Oof. i tried but I used all my high speed internet and its crawling right now. I got an error message

A Night in Kalyan.vital (1.3 MB) Abbysun.vital (1.5 MB) After Hours by yunison.vitalbank (9.6 MB) Easy Mallet.vital (193.0 KB) FM Knarly Bass.vital (435.5 KB) Glass beads lead.vital (1.6 MB) Jupiter Bass.vital (224.6 KB) Keystation.vital (183.4 KB) Metal Head.vital (921.2 KB) Salomon.vital (1.5 MB) Synthetic Quartet.vital (116.3 KB)

Here are the Defaults from Yuli Yolo

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You’re welcome! <3

Swiss Army Knife.vital (1.9 MB) Memory Leak.vital (2.3 MB) Satellites.vital (2.8 MB) Space Station.vital (172.3 KB) Simple Weoum.vital (4.2 MB) VLT Future Gun.vital (360.7 KB)

Here is the folder contents for: Halycon Future Riddim Vol 1 as well

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