Default Author for modified presets

I find it annoying, that the default author when saving modified presets is not the original author, but me. I don’t want to credit me if I only made some adaptions to an existing patch. I always have to go back, to find out who is the original author and then type the name again.
If I create a patch from scratch its fine to set me as author, but never ever its fine if I just modify an existing patch.
Even if I would want to add my name, its easy, I don’t have to go back and see who I am, usually I know it…
Solution in pseudo code:
If there is a name then keep it else name = OwnerName;

If you are smart, you could add an option to add the OwnerName into the description “modified by OwnerName” but that would be just the icing on the cake…


It’s quite possible that other people don’t want their names attached to patches you have edited.

I know I wouldn’t because the patch wouldn’t sound as I designed it and there is no guarantee your version would sound better. :wink: