Dealing with no Post-Filter Gain?

Hey everyone!

How do y’all deal with gain staging when parts of the synth, such as basic filters, don’t have an output gain?

I love Vital a lot, but it’s pretty challenging to use it as my daily driver synth when I have to exit the plugin to adjust levels multiple times during the sound design process.

the main volume at the top right of the interface is the only way i can think of right now

it sounds like you would really benefit from a kilohertz (snapheap or phaseplant) sound design workflow if you’re looking to do the “most possible sound design in one place”, if that makes sense

Cool, that’s where I’ve landed too…

You know I was trying to avoid dropping big $$$ on a synth, but the sub model for kilohearts is actually decent and I’m testing the bundle now and wow this might be perfect.

Kilohertz or I can recommend an ableton fx rack workflow with vital as well
Honestly, I might even say Serum in combination with Serum fx might also be a viable option - but that will def cost $$

Best of luck!