DC Offset in Oscillators

I’m trying to create a pulse as a basis for percussion by loading an oscillator with a Wave Source which is just maximum volume full DC offset entirely which will then be shaped by automating the amplitude with an envelope. However, it seems to be removing the DC offset.

It’s doing this for everything unfortunately, even purposefully asymmetrical waveforms are being ruined by this. You can say that it sounds the same but that only matters if you’re only going to listen to the raw output of the oscillator. It has a large impact on the sound of a synth patch if you’re using it to modulate another oscillator or you want certain parts of the waveform to distort before others, etc.

Removing DC offset should be an option, perhaps a toggle for enabling it on the entire oscillator or a button you can click while editing the waveform to center and normalize the waveform. As it stands, it’s giving the user the ability to create a waveform, and then turning it into something that’s functionally different in many contexts.


I tend to use a little hp, in the spectral modifier or in the wt editor, it’s a DIY solution-:slight_smile:
But for now, it’s like that !

There seem to be two issues related to DC offset

  1. Some factory wavetables are missing the “remove_all_dc”:true which can apparently only be modified directly in the .vitaltable file, not from the UI. Most prominent example ist “Pulse Width”. Can be easily be fixed though by resaving and overwriting wavetable file. That said, I would welcome if Matt could fix those factory tables in a future update.
  2. Some oscillator modifiers, such as “Bend” or “FM”, may introduce DC offset which cannot be compensated by above mentioned flag or Highpass filter spectral effect, as the modifiers are applied afterwards. Only work-around I can think of right now is sacrificing one of the two voice filters for dc blocking.