DAW crashes when i close the VST

Hello ive installed the Vital synth VST to my Cubase 7 Elements and it works fluently but a quiet annoying thing is happening when closing the Vital VST plugin. It crashes with a DAW without popping up an error textbox or anything. It just literally crashes lol. Ive tried basic stuff like restarting my pc and daw after installation or i turned off my antivirus. Any ideas?

The same thing happens to me in Ableton, and it also happened when I tried to use helm. I also tried switching to another track and opening up a different plugin, but then when I tried to close that different plugin, it crashed Ableton too! Both the VST2 and VST3 crash it.

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The same thing is happening to me and it has been like that since I got it which was shortly after the release, and the most annoying thing is I can’t even freeze it in Ableton cuz that makes it crash as well