Cyrillic characters aren't rendered during text entry

I guess this is a relatively minor issue but I haven’t seen it raised previously, when entering text for TTWT using the Russian keyboard layout the cursor moves but the characters don’t seem to be displayed. The wavetable is still generated correctly though.

The same issue appears when entering the name after clicking “Save to Wavetables”, and when using the wavetable browser the names appear to be blank:

However after selecting the wavetable its name appears correctly above the viewer:

I’m using version 1.0.3 on macOS Catalina, the issue appears to be the same in standalone and in Logic Pro.

I have this issue too on windows 10. Some special characters of other alphabets also cannot be entered.
ç for example works while ş doesn’t show nor render. I guess the font used for search fields just doesn’t support those…