Custom tunings not saved with presets

Hi, this is my first post here so let me start by saying: thanks for creating Vital! I love the sound, the endless possibilities and the excellent interface!

I’m using Vital (Pro) 1.5.2 Standalone on Windows 11

I can load custom tunings but I cannot save them with presets. I assume from the fact that there are two different ways to load tunings, that this should be possible?

What I would hope / expect:

  • When you load a tuning file to a preset (advanced / voice) it will be stored with the preset
  • When you load a tuning file globally (top menu) it will apply to all presets (or at least those that don’t have a custom tuning associated)

What actually happens is only the second thing, not the first.

I hope I’m making this clear and that I’m correct in assuming this is a bug (otherwise, I’d love to make it a feature request).