Custom default drag-on modulation amount

Hello! After asking around I believe this isn’t currently possible.

In short: dragging a modulation source onto a parameter defaults to 100% modulation. In the context of live patching and live performance, this makes a lot of maneuvers non-viable since the drag-on preview breaks continuity of the sound in most cases.

Were there an option to set the default to a custom value (0% being my preferred use-case), you would be able to set up connections without hesitating and dial-in their amount, making Vital am amazing option for hands-on live patching. As well, it’s generally convenient to have access to lower default values for comfort, similarly to how DAWs will let you change preview and monitoring volumes.

While this is possible to do via the matrix or by setting up a patch before performance, I don’t think either properly substitutes for this request.

Thank you very much!