Curve editor for more of the existing warp modes

Now that the GUI work and logic is done for spectral warp mode editors (WRT spectral flanger, spectral phaser and spectral filter), I’d really love if that same logic could be used to extend special editing functionality to other warp modes where it makes sense.

I’ve already talked about wanting a “remap” warp mode for the phase distorter (and I still want that!) but I think it could be very useful for lots of the spectral morphs as well.

For example, for the Harmonic and Inharmonic stretch modes, a curve which maps spectral bin (horizontally) to stretch amount (vertically). Defaults to a horizontal line, of course, so it works like normal, but the user could draw a curve that, say, excludes the lowest dozen or so overtones, then peaks really hard in the middle range, then falls back down once it gets to the higher range, so that, say, the 30th-50th overtones get smeared aggressively, but the high frequency content is largely unmodified, and the key tonal center of the note (those lowest dozen overtones) remain rigid. Or whatever.

I imagine that you could come up with some curve-defined modifier for most of the warp modes (IDK about, say, Shepherd Tone). My suspicion is that in implementing all of those modes, there was some “arbitrary decision” about where to start a stretch or how much to perform a morph or whatever, and a user curve would provide a way for the user to modify that underlying assumption or extend the tonal possibility of each warp mode, without detracting from the “automatic” behavior of the warp mode that a new user would experience when experimenting.