Cubase Issues (Cubase Pro 10, Win Pro 7)

Getting some issues with Cubase. (Posted more as FYI than asking for a fix).

Vital crashes Cubase at times. It seem to happen when a preset is loaded and Vital’s GUI is minimized quickly. I’m sorry but can’t give a clear step-by-step to reproduce the error on this.

When selecting notes in the Cubase Key Editor (MIDI Track editor) if “Acoustic Feedback” is on, there’s sometimes a glitch in the audio as a note is moved.

I realized I’m using an older OS and so don’t expect corrections to address possible causes for errors related to a discontinued OS.

Thanks for Vital, great synth.

Quick note on this. Vital was crashing Cubase 11 everytime for me lately. What worked was to uninstall it and then unselect the VST 3 option when reinstalling it. Working fine now.