Cubase 13 Elements + Vital Crashes

Running I7 12gen, RTX 4070. Vital will only stay open for like maximum 5 minutes before it hangs and the sound repeats continuously and then eventually crashes.

I am only using the trial version to learn it, and I want to buy the full version as the synth looks really well designed, but its useless if I can’t get it to work. Any advice?

I think there’s been known issues with the recent versions of cubase unfortunately

Okay, so what is the reccommended DAW to use with Vital then??

Whichever other DAW you have I suppose?
Vital works with them all, but there’s been recent bugs following big updates from the major DAWs like cubase and fl studio I believe. Not sure if ableton 12 caused any issues, but I haven’t updated.

Have you tried different versions, as in does this bug happen with vst 2 and vst3 version? Does standalone work okay?

Actually no, I didnt see the other downloads before. I’ll try them out as I really want to stick with Cubase.