Creating banks?

Just downloaded this and a few banks… Couldn’t find a manual. And I can’t seem to figure out how to manage presets.

One set I have is a vitalbank. That seems pretty obvious to consume. Another set is loose presets. So I figured the obvious thing to do was to wrap them up into a vitalbank too. How do I do that?

And shouldn’t there be some factory presets as well? I’m not seeing any.

And… how do I change the preset location? I looked around for settings but I couldn’t find them.

ETA: Found the default preset location and the factory presets. It originally looked like that was a parameter that could be changed but I’m not seeing where to change it.

ETA2: Found the preset location in Vital.config. Still don’t see a place for it in the UI.

I can shove the loose presets into a subdir in that tree and that seems to make them available easily. Looks like the vitalbank is unpacked for use when imported anyway? So really only a distribution format not a storage format anyway?


Hi @rich

I understand that this is being written.

As far as I know, it’s not possible to change the preset location. My advice is not to edit any config files.


Yes,I think you’re right.
A vital bank is basically a type of zip file. Quite a useful way of sharing a bunch of presets. Worth noting that vital banks can contain individual wavetables, samples and lfos, as well as whole patches.

Importing a vital bank via the “burger” menu pulls all the data into the correct folders.

You can import individual patches via the same menu, but this option appears to just load the patch into vital. It seems that you have to manually save the patch (if you want it). I use this method to audition individual patches I download. But I typically do what you describe, and copy the files into a folder.

Something worth knowing is that a patch embeds all the components within the file (so samples, wavetables, etc). This makes for large file sizes, but you don’t have to worry about having to have a particular wavetable installed for the patch to work.

Wavetables and lfos are being shared/sold as separate components too.

You can create your own vital bank via the “burger” menu to share stuff, but this seems to be hard coded to only export what you have in your Users folder.

All the best.

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That’s the piece I was missing. Thank you.

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I think my issue is similar.
Seems there should be a straightforward way to turn a group of samples into a .vitaltable
but I can’t find out how, or figure it out.

Thanks. I’ll try that. Although I’m going to have to do that for every articulation in the orchestra. It’s going to take a long time…

A .vitalbank IS a .zip file, just renamed .vitalbank. So, to create one, you can simply select the .vital presets on your drive, zip them (with an appropriate application) and then rename the result [preset collection].vitalbank. You can also do this the other way: rename a .vitalbank to [name].zip and then unzip it as normal to reveal the files within, all nicely set out in Vital’s preferred format.