Creating a Harmonium sound

I am new to synths and have found Vital to be amazing. I’m wanting to create a sound similar to a Paloma Harmonium that I have, but I’m struggling on how to get the reed/horn type ring it has. Here’s a sample I recorded. Hoping you can help me with me some ideas on how you might approach this.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but this is what I did. I took your sample, threw it into Vital’s wavetable pitch splice oscillator, and then I tuned it. As for the ring I put an LFO on the oscillator tune and have that be modulated really fast but subtle. Use Macro 1 to control how much ring. Now if this is what you’re looking for then I would try and make a cleaner sample to use so you don’t hear the background noise coming through.

Paloma Harmonium.vital (1.2 MB)

Not exactly a harmonium, but in the ballpark: Little Pump Organ patch

I’m sure this could be done better … but it’s at least something. It’s actually a pretty hard sound to synthesize and there are not a lot of good samples out there to use.

This is awesome Stefan, thank you for sharing. It sounds similar in the low tones but starts to diverge up higher. I’ll try another cleaner recording, just have a USB mic right now, but we’ll see. Not sure how the pitch slicer works really but sounds cool!

Thank you Paul, I love the tripping with Nils Frahm album, in particular that live version of Sunson and really wanting to be able to play that sound. This is quite similar and interesting that it has the harmonium ring to it as well…

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