Create a mouse modifier like Shift click or alt+shift+click that will change LFO to bipolar mode without the menu

It would be a huge UX improvement.


You can switch any modulation to bipolar mode and back by clicking the adjustment wheel with the middle mouse / mouse wheel button.

Nvm, nothing of value here.

I wished that was true. (it toggles between Bypass and Unbypass on my PC)

Oh yes, that’s true, I confused things in my hungry brain. The only way to do this with a modifier is to hold it while drag & dropping the modulation source on a parameter.

Btw. if I right click on a modulator, hold, and release on f.ex. make bi/unipolar I have to do it quite slowly for that workflow to have an impact. If I do it too fast I have to click another time. Does it work like that for you too? This seems like a bug to me.

Either I don’t quite understand what you are doing, or I have no problems with it whatsoever.
Windows 10 Vital 1.5.5. Just saw you’re on Windows too I use the vst2.

You know many drop-down menus in software work on press-choose-release basis, saving you a click. But if I do that in Vital I need to do it slowly, otherwise the mouse button release won’t confirm my choice. It’s the same with right click menus and f.ex. LFO speed unit menu.

Same specs, but VST3 and standalone.

Could be a vst3 thing (not a fan I use vst2 because I don’t use A Steinberg DAW :wink:

Does DAW choice make a difference to what VST version to use? I’m on Bitwig.

I’ll try VST2, I guess I have that installed too… oh no I don’t, gotta install it.

I always thought that vst3 was the way for Steinberg to solve some of the shortcomings of their DAW(s). I’ve never seen one reason for me to install a vst3 over a vst2. I only use vst3 when there is no vst2.

VST3 is supposed to handle CPU usage better, allowing plugins to go dormant when they’re not doing anything.

VST2 does the same thing. Gonna file a bug report.

Btw. I’m all for this thread’s topic.

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In FLStudio that’s called Smart Disable :wink:


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How you gonna do that ?

Ah I see :

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Just wrote it to this forum. It’s not like anyone who matters is gonna read that anytime soon, but at least I got it out of my head.

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