Crashing Ableton on Combfilter Change

Thanks for this great Synth. I really enjoy using it.

I cannot contribute much but a least that I found a bug. :wink:

In Ableton 10 (lite) using the combfilter in the effects section can crash ableton live.

If you press the little arrow on the right to switch to the next filter Ableton quits without further notice. I’m not sure where to find a crash log if someone gives me a hint I’ll be happy to provide it.

It’s only with the BSF+ Filter all the other before switch just fine.

No big thing I will just not use this arrow anymore but I thought I should mention it here.

Thanks again for this faboulous synth. :smiley:

Ableton 10 Live Lite 10.1.30
Macbook with OSX Catalina Intel i5 and Iris 1536 Graphics
Vital 1.0.3

Thanks for the report!
I can’t reproduce this though, was this done with just the init preset?

Hi, yes it can be produced straight after opening Ableton adding just one instance of vital. I open the gui go straight to the effects section, switch on the filter and start zapping through the different types with the arrow button. Directly after BSF+ it quits.

I just reproduced it on another computer. (iMac 2017 Catalina 10.15.7) Same Versions of Ableton and Vital.

No other plugins loaded at that time.


Just did some more testing. Seems like it does only happen with the AU plugin. VST and VST3 work just fine! :nerd_face:

Ah! Thanks I was using the VST